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At The Chatbot Factory, we aim to solve our customer’s toughest challenges and help them create friction-less customer experiences


Our mission

The Chatbot Factory strives to create a cutting-edge customer experience .
Providing business-oriented solutions for corporates is at the core of our mission since we started our operations in 2016.
Now, we are able to help our clients to launch a smart virtual agent in a few hours, and guarantee a full autonomy for business people to monitor and enrich their chatbot intelligence.

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Tolk is a saas platform for customer service and customer support

Thomas Sabatier - CEO

Thomas Sabatier is the CEO and co-founder of The Chatbot Factory. After a few years spent in consulting, he decided to become an entrepreneur and launched one of the first companies on the customer support automation market. Considered as a pioneer, he is really focused on improving businesses adoption by simplifying the use of complex technologies by non-specialists. Tolk by The Chatbot Factory is considered as one of the simplest SaaS platform to deploy AI-powered chatbots for customer care.

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Matthieu Bietry - CTO

Matthieu Bietry is the CTO and co-founder of The Chatbot Factory. Passionate about new technologies and AI, Matthieu was eager to launch a disruptive solution to help corporates to adopt breakthrough technologies in their customer workflows. Mixing AI and simple actionable tools to create the most efficient solutions to thoughest companies’ challenges is what Matthieu does best.

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Matthieu Bietry, CTO at The Chatbot Factory

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What makes us special

Our values


We have a lot of ambition for our clients. Everyday is a new day to create disruptive technologies and achieve our mission. We invest in R&D partnerships and build a continuous feedback loop with our client in order to create the best solutions for real problems.

We never give up !


Trust drives the way we collaborate with our clients on a daily basis. A close partnership is the key to bring value to end-users. We aim to provide the best care to our clients in order to answer their challenges in the best way we can.

Partnership over everything


Performance brings value and growth. Either for our client or us. So we keep this target in mind each time we start a new project. Every client is unique, so we have to create the best processes in order to achieve our goals as fast as we can.

Solutions are better than tools

A glimpse about us

Key figures

50+ Corporates

We help a growing number of corporates to be more efficient in taking care of their customers.

10+ Partners

Our ecosystem helps us to simplify our clients’ life. We believe in an open-world and high connectivity.

100% growth

Our velocity in innovation and development is the key of our continuous and fast growth.

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