Business-oriented solution to delight your customers

The ultimate AI platform to automate your customer support, monitor solving performance, and delight your customers.

Knowledge management

Automatically gather business knowledge from any source

  • Import any Q&A as a snap of finger,
  • Transfer knowledge from human to AI,
  • Feed your intelligence with voice and text logs.

Hybrid NLU

Boost your understanding capabilities

  • Enjoy pre-trained NLU models to speed-up go-to-market,
  • Boosted NLU technology based on a multi-model approach,
  • Enjoy multi-language native support.

Human handover

Smartly blend automation and personal outreach

  • Native bot-to-human routing capabilities,
  • Instant support for live or asynchronous resolution,
  • Connect ticketing or CRM solutions to customize users’ experience.

Messaging channels

Deploy your virtual agent anywhere

  • Meet your customers where they spend time,
  • Enjoy a native voice and text channels support,
  • Don’t bother with security and compliance.

API interfaces

Treat your users like VIP's

  • Leverage customers’ data to provide custom experiences,
  • Use context to build lasting relationship,
  • Understand what people really ask and want.

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