Supercharge your customer support capabilities

The easiest customer support automation platform to build and enrich smart customer service chatbots.

  • No AI training or painful setup process,
  • Business oriented tools for a smarter chatbot,
  • White-gloves customer service available 24/7.

NLU technology

Proprietary conversational AI

Hybrid NLU to faster your chatbot go-to-market. Increase understanding capabilities without AI training.

  • Plug and play solution,
  • Multilingual by design,
  • Native disambiguation feature.

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Knowledge management

Smart Q&A maker

Use existing Q&As, chat transcripts or knowledge bases for your chatbot’s foundation.

  • Import knowledge and deploy without training,
  • Logs clustering technology,
  • Complex knowledge management capabilities.

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Actionable analytics

Grow your bots smarter

Monitor your chatbot performance and improve your resolution rate quickly.

  • 50+ kpis available,
  • Logs clustering and satisfaction monitoring,
  • Actionable monitoring dashboards.

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Human handover

Supercharge your human agents

Let humans be more efficient by giving them time to solve complex issues. Provide an hybrid and powerful customer support to your users.

  • Live-chat software integrations,
  • Friction-less handover protocol,
  • Ticket creation capabilities.

Broadcast manager

Re-engagement through conversations

Re-engage your customers inside existing conversation with targeted push-messages.

  • Campaign editing tool,
  • Rich medias campaign,
  • Audience management tool.

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