Automatically qualify and process your customer interactions

Benefit from the power of a business-oriented platform to deploy a smart chatbot in a snap. Don't waste your time training your AI thanks to our ready-to-use Hybrid-NLU technology.


Autonomy & Performance

Deploy your chatbot in a few hours

  • Import your FAQs or knowledge bases in batches,
  • Test your chatbotand create complex routes,
  • Deploy in one click and simply optimize its performance.
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No need to train your chatbot for months

  • Enjoy a conversational AI mixing semantics and machine learning,
  • Deploy your chatbot without initial training, in any language,
  • Enrich your chatbotfrom the out-of-scope requests of your users,
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Combine virtual and human agents

  • Hand over to a human agent if you need to,
  • Assess the request with the chatbot and provide the context of the conversation to your customer care agent,
  • Capitalize on the transcripts of your calls or chats to enrich your chatbot.
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Monitor performance and customer satisfaction in real time

  • Monitor performance of your chatbot in real time,
  • Improve your resolution rate with quick and simple actions,
  • Identify automation opportunities on new topics.
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Questions automatically answered

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Success in 3 steps

Autonomy to foster performance


Turn any business knowledge into a smart chatbot without AI endless training or technical development.

Deploy 10 times faster


Track your chatbot performances with actionable analytics. Continually analyzes and optimizes, uncovering gaps.

Turn insights into performance


Add knowledge autonomously and build new services from off-scope customer requests 

Automate more, Save more

Business Cases

Built on our solution


Louis, baggage assistant

Louis is chatbotdeployed on Facebook Messenger and He can answer more than 2,000 questions about baggage policy, on-board services, or report lost baggage. In English or French.

Today, Louis automatically responds to more than 85% of user requests.

DS Automobiles

DS, car assistant

DS is the one chatbotwho advises and answers the questions of DS Auto customers. He can answer all questions about the DS Auto range, including engines, options, equipment and innovative options.

Today, DS is enriching its knowledge base to obtain more accurate answers and achieve perfect user satisfaction.


Skin care, assistant Ethéderm

The Esthéderm Institute is developing a highly innovative range of products, sold in shops and through a network of partners. Skin care is one chatbotthat helps users track their orders, find the ideal skin care routine or get information about the loyalty program.

Skin care expands customer service capabilities by more than 50% and boosts transformation on the online store.

Ministry of the Armed Forces

JDsix, assistant for the JDC

JDsix answers all the questions from the participants of the Citizenship Call Day. He also assists local authorities in the registration process for participants, or answers questions from City Hall staff.

Today, JDsix manages autonomously the resolution of more than 80% of the requests made on the website.


Api, insurance assistant

Api is a chatbot deployed on and in the customer area. It helps users to log in to their customer area and answers all questions regarding reimbursement, account management, contract and insurance policy.

Today, Api automatically responds to more than 86% of user requests and reduces connection failures by 50%.


Happ-e, subscription assistant

Happ-e is a chatbotdeployment on It helps users to understand the Happ-e energy offer and answers all questions about subscription, services and tariffs.

Today, Happ-e answers automatically to more than 75% of the users' requests, and allows to boost the subscriptions.


chatbot order tracking

Le chatbotBréal helps users to track their orders, and answers all questions about the return policy, refund policy and more generally questions about after-sales service. Deployed on an e-commerce site, Assitant Bréal offers a personalized and dynamic experience to users.


Dr. Job, career coach

Dr Job helps users to become the ideal candidate for BNP Paribas. He answers all questions about the recruitment process. It helps users to find jobs that match their skills and accompanies them through the various interviews.

Dr Job offers an experience for millennials, on Facebook Messenger and the BNP Paribas Careers website.

Managed Services

Hand in hand for success

UX writing

We design and write the best conversational experiences to maximize user engagement and retention.

Engaging conversations

Custom flows

We create API interfaces between your chatbot and your systems in order to use and enrich customer data during the conversation.

API & Custom developments


We monitor your chatbot's performances in order to guarantee its reliability and optimize its knowledge.

ROI driven monitoring

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