Turn your FAQ in a smart chatbot

The best conversational AI platform to automate your customer support, track your performance and engage your customers.

Centralized knowledge management

Gather business knowledge from any source

  • Turn any FAQ into a smart Chatbot,
  • Automatically transfer knowledge from human to AI,
  • Feed your chatbot with calls and chats transcripts.

Hybrid NLU

Enhance your understanding ability

  • Take advantage of pre-trained NLU models to speed deployment,
  • Take advantage of a hybrid multi-models NLU Technology (semantics + machine learning),
  • Build your chatbot in any language.

Human Handover

Smartly blend automation and personal outreach

  • Native human handover feature,
  • Instantaneous support for real-time or asynchronous resolution,
  • Connection of ticketing or CRM solutions to individualize the user experience.

Webchat or Messaging apps

Deploy your virtual agent on any channel.

  • Be where your customers are,
  • Deploy a voice or text chatbot quickly and without constraints,
  • Don't worry about compliance and security issues.

API Integration

Provide a white-gloves customer service

  • Leverage customer data to deliver a personalized experience,
  • Contextualize conversations to build a lasting relationship,
  • Understand your customers' requests and wishes so that you can respond precisely to them.

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