A vision focused on innovation

Our objective is to meet the challenges of our customers by offering efficient, simple and innovative solutions.


Why us?

Innovation within the reach of the profession

Providing solutions for business divisions in companies has been at the heart of our mission since we started operations in 2016.

Today, we provide our customers with the tools and technologies to launch an intelligent virtual agent in a matter of hours. We guarantee the effectiveness of our solutions by offering technologies that are simple to deploy and optimise, combined with tailor-made support aimed at increasing the autonomy of our customers.

Discover our solutions

Thomas Sabatier - CEO

Thomas Sabatier is one of the co-founders of The chatbotFactory. After a few years spent in consulting, he decided to become an entrepreneur and launched himself into the world of customer relationship automation.

Considered a pioneer, it focuses on creating a SaaS platform to simplify the implementation of advanced technologies for a hybrid, conversational customer relationship. Tolk by The chatbotFactory is considered one of the easiest and fastest to deploy SaaS platforms. It allows the implementation of chatbots boosted by conversational AI (NLU).

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Matthieu Bietry - CTO

Matthieu Bietry is the CTO and co-founder of The chatbotFactory. Passionate about new technologies and AI, Matthieu embarked on this adventure with the goal of democratizing breakthrough innovations that help companies improve the experience of their customers. Used by business divisions wishing to be autonomous, the Tolk platform has become, over the years, one of the most efficient solutions in a dynamic market driven by innovation.

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Matthieu Bietry, CTO at The chatbotFactory

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What makes us unique


We have a lot of ambition for our customers. We invest in R&D partnerships and develop our tools with pragmatism.

We never give up!


Trust is our daily driving force. It is established between our teams and our customers. We build strong partnerships to meet the challenges of our clients, as close as possible to their realities.

Trust is key!


Performance is a source of growth. Both for us and for our clients. Every client is unique, so we need to create the best solutions to help them achieve their goals as quickly as possible.

Much more than tools, solutions

Overview of our company

Key Figures

60+ Corporates

We help a growing number of large companies to be more efficient in their customer relations.

10+ Partners

Our ecosystem helps us make life easier for our customers. We believe in an open world.

100% growth

The speed at which we innovate is the key to continued rapid growth.

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