Hybrid NLU and self-learning capability

Take advantage of ready-to-use hybrid NLU technology to faster NLU deployment chatbot and increase resolution rate. Facilitate the learning process and improve your performance, without any technical skills.

Plug n' Play

NLU without drive

Make the most of your chatbot...without worrying about his initial training. The chatbot learns automatically as it is used by your customers. The deployment time of your chatbot is 10 times faster for 30% better performance.

  • Don't waste your time training your NLU before deployment,
  • Enrich your chatbotintelligence faster and more efficiently,
  • Automatic generation of training sets and automated optimization.

Actionable Analytics

Automatic enrichment

The proprietary NLU technology developed by our teams avoids training and optimization tasks. The platform automates all enrichment and performance improvement tasks with simple and quick actions.

  • Native disambiguation,
  • Identify and automate unanswered questions,
  • Easily optimize your resolution rate.


Robust and multilingual

Our proprietary automatic language processing technology is built on a hybrid approach, combining semantic technologies and machine learning. This innovation allows our chatbots to be efficient and always precise in the answers given to your customers, in any language.

  • NLU technology adapted to spelling mistakes and slang expressions,
  • Native multilingual support reinforced by a semantic approach,
  • No scientific or technical expertise is required.

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