Plug-and-Play NLU to let you focus on knowledge

Take advantage of a ready-to-use NLU technology to speed up deployment and increase conversational efficience. Faster the knowledge enrichment process, improve your resolution rate, without any data science skills.

Plug n' Play

Training-less NLU technology

  • Do not waste time in training your NLU before deployment,
  • Enrich your chatbot capacity faster and more effectively,
  • Automatic training-set generation and smart optimization.

Actionable analytics

Self-learning conversational AI

  • Native disambiguation capacity,
  • Focus on creating new answers or skills,
  • Easily optimize your resolution rate.


Multilingual and robust understanding

  • Misspell and slang proof NLU technology,
  • Native multilingual support,
  • No data science or technical skills required.

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