Turn any Q&A into a smart virtual agent in a snap

Automate up to 70% of your customer service in less than an hour using our smart Q&A maker. Import knowledge from any source, and flawlessly deploy your virtual agent in a few minutes.


Turn any Q&A ressource into a smart virtual agent

  • Gather business knowledge from any source,
  • Import your Q&A in a second,
  • Enrich along the way.


Launch your bot in an hour

  • Enjoy a training-less conversational AI (NLU),
  • Proprietary deep-learning solutions,
  • Native multilingual NLU.


Create answers that solve problems

  • Create engaging rich answers without coding skills,
  • Attach medias, create redirection, or quick replies,
  • Provide dynamic custom answers depending on context.


Spot your customers' unsolved frequent questions

  • Understand how to increase your automation rate, 
  • Create answers from clustered unsolved users’ requests, 
  • Optimize your knowledge from users’ satisfaction rating.

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